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FABULOUS article from R. Crap, have a read! All about dance in SL!!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Hi. I’m R. Crap Mariner. I write things.

While Inara’s keeping busy in both Second Life and Sansar, I thought I’d share a bit about something that’s been keeping me busy for a while (No, it doesn’t have anything to do with a certain pirate who’s not a very good pirate).

For the past year or so, I’ve been obsessed with shooting photographs of the Second Life dance performance scene.

Guerilla Burlesque

A few months ago, I pinged Inara about an upcoming Monarchs full-sim dance show, but she was busy with some stuff, and she asked me if I could write something up about it. Being a professional writer, I did what came naturally: I dawdled and procrastinated, and I missed the deadline.

Yeah, I suck.

It All Begins at the Beginning…

I got an invitation to see a show by Guerilla Burlesque on the Idle Rogue region (okay, dozens of…

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Five Years

Friday, December 8th 2017 starting at 6pm SLT, Elysium celebrates five years of SL dance. We have managed to put on great shows every Friday for the past five years, with thanks to the generous souls who share their talent and imaginations with us each week. Thank you to all who have graced the Elysium stage, our regular members and our guests as well. And a huge thanks to our fabulous audience, who are such a huge part of our shows. Please join us for this very special show!

Elysium – September 8th 2017

More pics of this show found on Crap Mariner’s Flicker, thank you Crap:

Elysium Cabaret - November 24 2017


Act 1: Jilley
with Paul
I’ll See You Again – Westlife

Jilley’s moving tribute to all those lost on 9-11.  She danced remembering someone she lost, and then he was there with her, dancing in spirit.  Even though he is gone as she kneels by his grave, the song sings how she feels him walking beside her.  This deeply touching, most beautiful dance had many watching with vision blurred by tears.

Act 2: Mikiko
Dinah Washington – Me And My Gin

Elysium’s newest choreographer dazzles and WOWs the audience with a super sexy dance complete with stylish set and eye-catching lighting.  So hawt no nudity needed.  WOWZA that costume!!

Act 3: Lina
with Paul, Adam, Ray, Queenie, Ariel, Josie Corri and Gracie
Song I Want Your Sex – George Micheal

The gals and the guys sexying up the stage… mega HAWT, sexy costumes, smart set design and fabulous choreo plus great mover work… WOW LINA!  Lots of texture changes, gals in cages, and uber sexeh!

Act 4: Gunner
with Baby, Kyshra, Fuki and Web
Kings of Leon – Closer

Very creepy cool!  He suffers and endures as the ghouls get closer and closer, the walls of the tomb closing in on him!  Tons of exceptional mover work in this dance, with moving walls and props plus the ghouls starting in the audience and creeping up onto the stage.

Act 5: Lulu
SIA – Chandelier

An absolutely gorgeous mirrored set that has to be seen to be believed, and our LuLu dancing in a chandelier… what a brilliant dance!  I love the colour scheme, pinks and purple pastels with crystal and gold.

Act 6: Babypea and Web
with Jilley
Christina Aguilera – Desnudate

The girls lost their clothes after surviving a plane crash in the jungle… but never fear!  They found leaves to wear!

Act 7: Kyshra
with Gunner
Don’t Fear the Reaper

Kyshra danced an exquisite ballet with the reaper.  It was a glorious and oddly erotic even though no clothes came off.  The choreo was mesmerising as was the version of the song.  Very haunting.

Act 8: Jilley

Our cherished FRAMS (Friends and Family) joined us on stage to be danced by JILLEY for some audience participation fun!  Thank you Jilley!
Scatman John – Everybody Jam!
Steps – 5, 6, 7, 8
Vengaboys – We like to Party!

May 12th 2017 Show – Pics!

Yes this is very late to be posted, but for the sake of memory, here is a photo gallery of that show.  Click on a picture to enlarge or enjoy a slideshow!  Big thanks to Web Sass for the pictures from the show!  Sorry this is belated, but real life has had me tightly in its grips.  The performers and acts pictured below respectively are:

Act 1: Babypea
Mae West- A Guy What Takes His Time
Act 2: Ariel with Wiz
Blackmore’s Night- Ghost of a Rose
Act 3: Lulu
Siouxsie – Loveless
Act 4: Diawa with Nara and Baby
Nine Inch Pins
Act 5: Melvis with Imrhien Porthos and Monavie Voight.
The Tears Of A Clown
Act 6: Kyshra
Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – Dita Von Teese
Act 7: Corri with Paul, Gemma, FT, Ariel and Wiz
Harry Styles – Sign of the Times
Act 8: Jilley
Shirley Bassey – Diamonds Are Forever (Remix)

Act 9: Ame with EVERYONE!
Bruno Mars – 24K Magic – 3.46
Katy Perry – Bon Appétit ft. Migos – 3.48
Iggy Azalea – Team – 3.30

Elysium May 5th 2017 Photo Review

Welcome to the weekend! Together, with our fantastic frams, we welcomed in the weekend with an evening of some of the finest music and dance in either life! Much thanks and love to Elysiums, both on the stage and in the audience, for coming out to share love and creative expression of music with one another. Elysium takes the stage every Friday at 6pm SLT. Hope to see you at our next show! In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road sim. Thanks to all our frams for making Elysium so much fun. Thanks to Web Sass for the pics of tonight’s show!

Act 1: Babypea
Silent Running Mix


Act 2: In2Udeep with Lioness Abrahams
Ed Sheeran: The Shape of You


Act 3: Ame with Kyshra, Nadi, Ray and Zach
Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dillon Francis Remix)

Act 4: Angie with Candy
Portishead – Glory Box


Act 5: Kyshra with Baby, Ame, Queenie, Si, Jag, Gunner, Zach and Asali
Bring On The Men – Jekyl & Hyde


Act 6: Candy
Flashdance: What a feeling

Act 7: Lina with Mona, Josie, Corri, and Jayden Xevion
Hinder: Ladies Come First



Act 8: Nara with Gracie, Diawa, Beebs, Winnie
Taylor Swift: Shake It Off

Act 9: Jilley with EVERYONE!
Cars: Gary Numan
Billy Ocean: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: Pink Cadillac

Elysium Comedy-Themed Show: April 28th 2017

If you missed this show, all I can say is, you missed out on a ton of laughter!  Good belly laughs that leave you in pain with tears streaming down your face, struggling to breathe!  Maybe that doesn’t sound like fun but I assure you, it was!!  Take a look at some pics from Elysium’s comedy-themed show, with thanks to Web Sass for preserving some memories for us of one of the funnest Elysium shows ever.  Thank you to all our fabulous choreographers for sharing their creative inspiration with us.  Thank you to Elysium’s dancers and staff for all the hard work and dedication.  And thank you to our cherished audience for coming out and letting us entertain you… welcome to the weekend!!


Tray with Imrhien Fargis, Sebastain Bourne, Babypea Von Phoenix
We Will Rock you/Eye of the Tiger – Red Hot Chili Pipers


Devlin Cowboy – Kid Rock
The Bird


Babypea as HarryNut Sak
Gunther – Ding Dong Song


DavidGage with Sebastain Bourne, Paul Woodrunner, Gunner von Phoenix, and Melvis Baum
I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore : The snake oil Willy Band


Wiz with Ariel, Dev, Sagia, Tray
Tacky – Al Yankovic


Monavie with Melina Aquila (melina.aurotharius) and Corri Stoanes (corroded.battery)
Mona – Sexy Stranger


Jilley with Paul and Seb
OCAD – Too Much


Kyshra with Baby,Lina, Nadi, Ame
Benny Hill Theme


3 Doors Down – Every Time You Go
Alice Cooper – I’ll Bite Your Face Off
Whitesnake – Love Will Set You Free


Elysium Cabaret – Friday Apr 21

Please find below pictures of Elysium’s show from Friday, April 21st.  With thanks to Web Sass for the photos, to the Elysium choreographers and dancers for sharing their creations with us, to all the people who help behind the scenes to make shows happen, and to our cherished audience for coming out to welcome in the weekend with us!

Act 1: Seb with Soco, Jo, Tray, Paul, Wiz and Jorgio

Mr. Pinstripe Suit by Voodoo Daddy

Act 2: Gracie

Red Sovine – Daddy’s Girl

Act 3: Nara with Gracie and Ariel

Chris Spheeris – Juliette

Act 4: Eva with nadi and Joy Canadeo

Enya – Echoes In Rain

Act 5: Babypea

Goldfrapp – Twist

Act 6: Jo with Sebastain

The Book of Love – Peter Gabriel

Act 7: Immy

Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

Act 8: Kyshra with EVERYONE!

Switch – Will Smith

Drop it Low – Kat De Luna (Remix)

Shake Senora – Pitbull Ft. T-Pain, Sean Paul

Elysium Cabaret – April 14th 2017 Photo Gallery

Here are some pics from the show with thanks to Web Sass!

Act 1: Jilley with Paul, Winnie, Beebs and Pan

Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice

Act 2: Candy with Angie and Baby

Rihanna – Where Have You Been

Act 3: Winnie with Jo, Baby, JIlley, Nara and Rhonda

Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Act 4: Wiz

Easter Bunny Song

Act 5: Angie With: LuLu, Candinette Metaluna, Jilley and Baby

Aaja Nachle – Full Title Song | Madhuri Dixit

Act 6: Ariel with Rhonda

Selena Gomez- Good for You

Act 7: Babypea

Marnie – Wolves

Act 8: Eva with EVERYONE!

Splish Splash
twenty one pilots vs Melanie Martinez – Soaped Out (Mashup)
Nicole Scherzinger – Wet