Elysium Cabaret’s April 10th 2020 Show

The drama! The excitement! The cuteness! The beautiful! The sexy! The magic! Elysium Cabaret’s show tonight had all that and more. In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, it was an eclectic night of performance perfection. Every act was fantastic and had it’s own unique spirit. Melvis opened the show with an electrifying burst of colour and energy. Eva then slowed things down and took us to a planet of dreamy beauty. Then Seb brought out the Easter Bunny… well a whole mob of Easter Bunnies. What’s a pack of bunnehs called? A WARREN of Easter Bunnies! Yes, I looked it up. Hella sexy and complete with cotton tails and a sense of humour. Those slippers! Then Kyser brought on the badass and WOWed us with an act that I bestowed a Golden Pea upon, because it is my new favourite Kyser act. Gunner and I then took things to the romantic side of town with a sweet moment of catharsis. Our dearly loved Manager Wiz next took the stage in his masterful choreography style that is uniquely THE Wiz. And finally Miss Sarah wrapped up the show with a magical performance featuring colour-changing animesh dancers that you’d have to see to believe. Finally the party started with Lina at the helm, featuring a dynamic stage, super fun songs, and brilliant choreography to dance everyone together.

Thank you to our talented choreographers for sharing their visions. Thank you to our devoted dancers for helping to complete the acts. Thank you to Paul, Morganna, DJ Gunner, and Wiz for all the behind the scenes hard work and dedication. And thank you to our cherished audience for coming out to see the show we created for them. And as always:


With Hailie, Britt, Kyser, Hell
Bomfunk MC’s – Super Electric

”Follow Me” by Tommee Profitt [feat. Ruelle]

With Antonio, Cael, Stoke, Melvis, Kyser, Hell
Touch Me

With Jilley andTaema
In the Ayer by Flo Rida

With Baby
What Would They Say – Paul Williams

One Day – Logic ft. Ryan Tedder

Alan Lennon – Bitter-Sweet | Epic Atmospheric Emotional Vocal Orchestral Hybrid


With Everyone

Tonight – Enrique

I Know You Want Me – Pitbull

Shake Your Bon Bon – Ricky Martin

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